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Marston’s is first pub chain to serve up ‘bleeding’ meatless burger

Marston’s is to become the first national pub chain to sell the UK’s first meatless ‘bleeding’ burger following a shake-up of it menu aimed at tapping into vegetarian and flexitarian diets. The ‘B12’ burger, which has been developed by Chiswick-based Moving Mountains, “sizzles, smells, tastes and bleeds like meat” but is completely plant-based. The new

First burger bun-branded QR code puts a new stamp on kitchen tech

A Japanese ‘super-diner’ in London’s Chinatown is leading the restaurant tech revolution with the first burger bun-branded QR code and a partnership with streamlined mobile-payment service Zapper. ICHIBUNS is offering customers the opportunity to claim £7 off their first bill by scanning their burgers, as well as exclusive rewards through the brand new ICHIPACHINKO app.

Deliveroo reveals the restaurants driving the delivery company

As the end of 2017 approaches, online-based food delivery service Deliveroo has revealed which restaurants have been leading the way for orders over the last 12 months. Despite having a turbulent financial year, American fast casual dining restaurant Five Guys secured the most orders of any restaurant in the UK, with its cheeseburger. Deliveroo noted

Chains could face revolt over premium burger prices

Consumers are turning away from burgers in favour of cheaper options on the menu, a new report by Techomic has found. The 2017 Burger Consumer Trend Report reveals that fewer consumers are eating food operators’ burgers now than in previous years and restaurants are beginning to feel the effects. While 56% of consumers say that

Street food operators profit as average spend rises 30% in two years

People are willing to spend more on street food than previously, and 94% of people plan to maintain or increase the amount of street food they eat, according to a new report which highlights a growing opportunity for operators. The report shows that people are willing to spend £6.50 on street food, up 30% from

Burger chain eyes 35 kitchen fit-outs as it sets foot in UK

Britain’s flourishing gourmet burger market could yet provide more opportunities for kitchen equipment providers after one of the fastest-growing US brands yesterday confirmed plans to enter the UK market. Smashburger, which operates in excess of 300 outlets globally, announced it would open more than 35 restaurants in the UK over the “next several years”. The