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Stonegate collects 825,000 litres of used cooking oil from its kitchens

Stonegate collects 825,000 litres of used cooking oil from its kitchens

Over 825,000 litres of used cooking oil was collected from Stonegate Pub Company’s kitchens and recycled last year, it has emerged. The pub chain, which runs 650 sites around the UK, worked with Northamptonshire-based specialist Olleco to manage the recycling process, which sees the oil refined into a range of products, such as industrial oils

OPINION: How major fast food chains ensure consistent quality of fried food on a global scale

A significant number of restaurants in the UK are yet to introduce a process for measuring their oil, creating challenges for their kitchens that could easily be avoided, writes Ashton Bayliss at Testo. Consistency is one of the most important components of the fast food industry. In order to keep loyal customers satisfied, restaurants need to

Vito advises operators on bringing down oil costs

One of the industry’s leading experts in kitchen oil filtration has advised foodservice equipment buyers that specification is paramount to getting the most value out of their investment. Operators have realised there are considerable financial and performance gains to come from managing their fryer oil better, particularly those that are running multiple sites. But Rob

Wetherspoon kitchens find new use for cooking oil

Used cooking oil from more than 900 JD Wetherspoon pub kitchens is to be recycled as part of the chain’s sustainable supply chain policy. The group has signed a contract with recycling specialist Brocklesby, which will see the oil collected and recycled at its plant in East Yorkshire. Delivery vehicles brining ambient, fresh and frozen