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New standard bids to cut out commercial kitchen fires caused by lacklustre maintenance

New standard bids to cut out commercial kitchen fires caused by lacklustre maintenance

Foodservice operators are being urged to familiarise themselves with a new standard that has been introduced that seeks to minimise fire risk from ducting in commercial kitchens. The Loss Prevention Standard (LPS 2084), launched by BRE Global, has been created in response to the issues caused by ineffective cleaning and maintenance. LPS 2084 defines the

First-of-its-kind Scottish training centre aims to reduce commercial kitchen fires

The first specialist training centre for indoor air hygiene in commercial buildings and grease extraction cleaning in kitchens has been launched in Scotland. The Stirling-based school is run by AEME Scotland Ltd – set up as a collaborative venture between Simone Hart Sibbald, managing director of Perfect Service Solutions, and Devon-based training experts AEME Ltd

Restaurant finds way to disguise unsightly kitchen flue

Unsightly kitchen flue ducts could be a thing of the past for restaurants in prime city locations thanks to an innovative cladding solution that conceals their presence. Caprice Holdings was recently faced with the dilemma of how to disguise stainless steel ducts that rise seven floors from the kitchen of its Sexy Fish restaurant up

Fire warning for restaurant owners after 70 rescued from kitchen blaze

Firefighters have issued a warning to restaurant and take-away operators after a commercial kitchen fire in Barnet this week led to the evacuation of 70 people. Four fire engines and 21 fire officers were called out to a restaurant on Whetstone High Street after a blaze broke out in the kitchen on Sunday morning. It