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EDITOR’S VIEW: Even with the best will in the world, there’s no escaping the price factor just yet

Although it probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear the UK foodservice market described as an industry that buys mainly on price, it has always felt as though there is an expectation from within the supplier community that this will change in future. Whether this is misguided, or at best hopeful, only time will tell. There

EDITOR’S VIEW: From dark kitchens to backstage kitchens, the need to adapt has never been clearer

The ability to adapt is a quality that all successful businesses need, especially during the sort of challenging times that the foodservice sector currently finds itself in. Some of the most accomplished operators are those that identify ways to incrementally evolve their proposition to increase their chances of growth, making them less susceptible to dramatic

EDITOR’S VIEW: Are catering equipment suppliers right to be frustrated with the uptake of green kitchens?

Green kitchens. It’s a topic that transcends so many different areas but one that operators would be foolish to ignore when you consider the way in which trends are moving.  When I speak with suppliers there is still a clear frustration that attitudes towards specifying energy efficient equipment aren’t as robust as they perhaps would