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EDITOR’S VIEW: It’s ‘squeaky bum time’ for restaurant directors bailing out their businesses with loans

EDITOR’S VIEW: It’s ‘squeaky bum time’ for restaurant directors bailing out their businesses with loans

It was the great Sir Alex Ferguson that gave the phrase ‘squeaky bum time’ its notoriety, using it to describe the sound made by moving around in a plastic seat while squirming under pressure. He was, of course, applying it to his Manchester United team in the latter stages of the 2003 season as they

EDITOR’S VIEW: Are your kitchens capable of conquering ‘click & collect’?

The restaurant industry, and the supply network that supports it, finds itself at a rather interesting juncture. On one hand, rising costs, staff recruitment issues and economic uncertainty appear to tell a tale of woe, but on the other the rate of openings remains promising, store traffic is anticipated to rise and new methods of

EDITOR’S VIEW: It might look like carnage out there, but one operator’s loss is another one’s gain

If the first month of this year is anything to go by then the only thing we can say for certain about 2018 is that it’s going to be unpredictable. It is well-documented that operators have been lamenting the cost challenges facing them for some time now, but aside from the usual bits of consolidation here

EDITOR’S VIEW: Catering equipment suppliers can’t afford to drop the ball when it comes to service

Patience is a virtue, or so the saying goes. But if there’s anything we know for certain about modern society it’s that this commodity isn’t found in abundance these days. We don’t like waiting, we want immediate updates on everything, and when we need assistance we expect it to arrive quickly. These are times, after

EDITOR’S VIEW: Will Amazon change the way you buy catering equipment?

Where do you buy your catering equipment from? Chances are it is a local dealer that has always served your kitchen needs, or one of the well-known catalogue or internet players that carry huge quantities of stock.  In the case of big ticket, heavy duty items, it might be that you buy direct from the

EDITOR’S VIEW: Global chains want their kitchen services streamlined – and it’s forcing suppliers to behave differently

The first thing I did when I heard that Middleby Corporation was buying one of the largest kitchen dealers in the US last month was check to see how the news had been reported in its homeland. I can’t say I was surprised when I saw that the country’s most renowned industry trade publication had

EDITOR’S VIEW: Connected kitchen concept is great until ‘computer says no’

If you’ve ever tried installing a piece of software that isn’t compatible with your operating system, or found yourself in all sorts of bother after getting locked out of a program over a password issue, you’ll be familiar with the despair and frustration that even the most basic IT problem can breed. So I certainly

EDITOR’S VIEW: Relationship between kitchens and technology is only getting tighter

There’s a very large high street retailer, with a very large food offering, which buys a huge amount of catering equipment and operates an awful lot of kitchens. It is widely regarded as a progressive, forward-thinking organisation that moves with the times in an arena that is undergoing significant change. Yet it might surprise you

EDITOR’S VIEW: Equipment versatility could be your biggest kitchen weapon

With restaurant operators looking to make the most of their equipment estate throughout the different day-parts, flexibility and agility of kitchen appliances has become a key priority for a lot of companies. Pieces of equipment that can do more than one function well tend to be held in high regard in today’s market place. One