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EDITOR’S VIEW: ‘Airbnb’ for kitchens might not be as crazy as it sounds

EDITOR’S VIEW: ‘Airbnb’ for kitchens might not be as crazy as it sounds

Restaurants are under noticeably more pressure these days to get the most out of their investments, and that goes for their kitchen estate as much as anything else. There was a time when eateries simply did breakfast and lunch, or only opened in the evenings, but for many that has now switched to providing a

EDITOR’S VIEW: Paranoia or not, every kitchen purchase faces scrutiny

There have been some encouraging financial results from operators over the last few weeks, with many reporting healthy seasonal trading patterns and a positive start to 2017. But no matter how solid the performance, all have been unable to sign off their correspondence without referencing future ‘headwinds’ or anticipated margin pressure. Now you could argue

EDITOR’S VIEW: Savvy operators know they’ve got to close old doors to open new ones

For most multi-site operators in the foodservice business, the opening of new stores has always been held up as a measurement of success. It’s one of the reasons why the number of restaurant launches appears to increase every week even though the industry is renowned for its perennially high insolvency rate. Yet for all the

EDITOR’S VIEW: Patience is a virtue for the box-ticking equipment buyer

It is fair to say that any individual with responsibility for equipping kitchens across multiple sites has their work cut out these days. It’s no longer enough to replenish a kitchen with appliances that only get the green light because they come in under budget or which haven’t been extensively road-tested in a live environment

Editor’s view: Speed and space are forcing kitchens to adapt

We’re now officially into ‘Hotelympia month’ (the show kicks off on 29 February) and for the best part of a week executives from across the hospitality spectrum will tread the boards of the ExCeL in East London in search of inspiration and ideas to boost their businesses. A major aspect of this will, of course,

Editor’s view: The science of buying catering equipment

It was said to me this month that the definition of product lifecycles means different things to different people. I think you only have to glance around the hugely diverse restaurant landscape in the UK to see that this is probably true. Attitudes towards catering equipment procurement vary based on the segment that operators are

Editor’s view: When equipment innovation doesn’t really matter

It can be easy to overlook the pace at which the foodservice equipment industry evolves and the extent to which product innovation enhances the market place. Every year millions of pounds of investment is ploughed into R&D by suppliers across the world to create equipment that is noticeably better than the last. Whether it’s faster,