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EXCLUSIVE: Jollibee confirms it will look for local equipment supply after first UK store opening

EXCLUSIVE: Jollibee confirms it will look for local equipment supply after first UK store opening

Jollibee has confirmed that it will begin to look for UK foodservice equipment suppliers following the opening of its first UK restaurant. In conversation with FEJ, Dennis Flores, president and head of international business EMEAA of Jollibee, exclusively revealed that despite using global suppliers for ease and familiarity in its first UK site, the company

Scotsman DXN 107

The DXN models replace Scotsman’s TC180 dispenser, which is popular with many high street operators wanting to offer self-serve drinks. There are two DXN units, offering a choice of capacities. Both combine a hygienic, easy-to-use touchpad control, big production volumes and a compact tabletop design. The key feature is the DXN 107’s ability to hold

Manitowoc Ice Big Shot

The Big Shot, which is supplied to the UK market through FEM, offers a high production capacity of large gourmet cubes. Capable of churning out over 2,000 crystal clear 60g gourmet cubes a day, the Big Shot icemaker ensures it can keep up with the highest demands, while delivering cubes that offer a better chill

Simag SVD152

The Simag SVD152 is one of five models in the series with daily production capacities ranging from 160kg to 485kg to meet the demands of operators that need ice in large volumes. The high efficiency vertical evaporator cuber boasts low power and water consumption, while a self-diagnostic system with LED indicators gives a clear indication

Prodis CD90

Suitable for many applications, the CD90 produces soft, chewable nugget ice particularly ideal for cocktails. With a production of 85kg per day and a generous 20kg storage bin, the CD90 can be used as a secondary icemaker in a busy restaurant or bar or as a primary machine in smaller establishments as the nugget ice

DC Products DCT140-40A

DC Products’ DCT140-40A icemaker specialises in pebble ice, which is ideal for use in cocktail bars, cafes, fast food outlets, pubs, bars and cafeterias. The machine features a technologically-advanced cylindrical evaporator to produce small trapezoidal cubes that resemble ‘pebbles’. They deliver an improved ice product into beverages and can significantly reduce the time it takes

Maidaid MTB1405

The MTB1405 produces pebble ice, which can be used in a variety of establishments and industries including bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, fish markets and supermarkets. As well its diverse uses, the MTB1405 is extremely efficient, using only one litre of water per 1kg of ice produced. The machine has been Tropical Class certified meaning that

Hoshizaki IM-100CNE-HC

The IM-100CNE-HC is one of Hoshizaki’s most popular undercounter models. Capable of producing up to 105kg of ice per day, in a selection of sizes to meet the needs of the operator, the unit is ideal for multi-site businesses looking for consistency across their estate. The range features the latest hydrocarbon R290 (HC) refrigerant. And

Ice-o-Matic Elevation CIM0535

The Elevation series models offer a completely unique solution to the problem of hot-air discharge clearance in the form of a dual exhaust feature, which is standard on every unit in the range. This system discharges hot air from both the side and the top, so regardless of air flow requirements the units will adapt,