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‘One-stop’ digital water filtration portal launched for foodservice operators

‘One-stop’ digital water filtration portal launched for foodservice operators

3M has launched a microsite dedicated to offering free expert advice about water filtration for businesses ranging from pubs and high-street restaurants to servicing companies. The company’s one-stop portal is designed to help companies save money and improve the quality of food and drink through water filtration. The site offers ‘easy-to-follow’ videos and informational brochures covering the

FriPura calls for cleaner frying techniques in battle to beat obesity

Hull-based FriPura has called for companies to adopt cleaner frying techniques to slash the number of calories and fat levels in commonly eaten foods in response to peak in obesity figures. The bid to encourage healthier frying techniques comes as Public Health England plans to work with food producers and retailers, which the government hopes

Kitchen trial for equipment brand after Dragon’s Den style pitch

A successful Dragon’s Den style pitch has resulted in the country’s largest catering provider trialling Hull-based FriPura’s kitchen oil filter. The catering equipment firm, which manufactures a new kitchen oil filter that makes fried food healthier and extends the life of oil, presented the product to a team of judges at the Compass-organised Idea Works!