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EXCLUSIVE: Suppliers unite to clear up confusion around kitchen grease

Manufacturers of grease removal units have agreed to put aside their competitive differences for the good of the industry and develop a FOG code of practice, FEJ can reveal. Suppliers belonging to the CESA FOG group met last week and sanctioned plans to draw up a document that will provide operators and kitchen designers with

Restaurant kitchens cop blame for ‘fatberg’ as heavy as 11 double-decker buses

Restaurants and food outlets are largely to blame for a 250-metre long fatberg clogging up a sewer under London’s Whitechapel Road. The fatberg is one of the largest ever found, with the extreme rock-solid mass of fats, oil and domestic disposables weighing the same as 11 double-decker buses. It is blocking a stretch of Victorian sewer

The Pelham Arms, no longer up in arms over FOG

Southern Water has been forward thinking with how they guide food service outlets when looking for solutions to tackle the ongoing issue of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) entering drains and jeopardising localized sewage networks. There have been cases where hospitality and food service operators have faced continued blockages, flooding and looming fines as a

Restaurants told that kitchen grease has ‘profit potential’

Restaurants should be encouraged to see FOG as a “resource”, industry experts have concluded in the wake of a fine handed down to a café found guilty of clogging up a sewer. Severn Trent Water’s successful prosecution of Café Saffron in Codsall highlighted the issue of fats, oil and grease – and underlined the need

OPINION: Kitchen design and the great grease trap dilemma

During the design of a commercial kitchen, with today’s regulations and enforcement challenges that owners face, getting the correct information in regard to the design of a kitchen is a significant challenge, writes William Clark, director of Aluline. Good business practice would be to contract a good professional consultant. This will ensure all the current