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EXCLUSIVE: Digital checks can improve a kitchen hygiene score, feasibility study shows

EXCLUSIVE: Digital checks can improve a kitchen hygiene score, feasibility study shows

Five-month project involving KitchenLogs and Harrow restaurants concludes that online system would improve a business’ FHRS score if deployed properly


Mobile app promises to soften the kitchen admin burden for operators

A new mobile app has been launched that is designed to bring automation into commercial kitchens and better manage hygiene and food safety management. KitchenLogs has unveiled a fully-automated, intelligent food hygiene system, designed to streamline the processes associated with adhering to Food Standards Agency (FSA) standards. The food technology company was created to save

Food hygiene rating system ‘is driving better kitchen practices’

The mandatory display of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHR) has driven up the level of food safety compliance in the UK, a scientific report into the subject has concluded. The renowned ‘scores on the door’ scheme requires commercial foodservice operators to display the hygiene rating they have been awarded, which can vary from a

Police informed of death threats against chef embroiled in vegan ‘spiking’ row

A chef has reported death threats made against her to the police following a huge backlash over claims she “spiked” a vegan customer’s food. Laura Goodman, co-owner of Italian restaurant Carlini in Shropshire, found herself at the centre of national newspaper headlines this week after writing in a Facebook group that a “pious, judgemental vegan” had

New kitchen guidelines from April 2018 must impose ‘minimum burden’ on operators

The industry body that represents pubs and restaurants in the UK says it has opened talks with the Food Standards Agency (FCA) to ensure new acrylamide regulations affecting the cooking of food are properly communicated to the trade. The FSA yesterday made a statement about measures that will require food businesses in the UK to

Free downloadable report guides kitchen operators around new food safety rules

Changes to the way in which the Food Standards Agency monitors food businesses are set to put new compliance demands on commercial kitchens – but a leading industry tech firm has published a free whitepaper explaining how operators can manage the transition. Work management and automated monitoring specialist Checkit is shedding light on what the

Enormous gap in kitchen hygiene standards raises industry concerns

One in five high or medium risk food establishments in the UK fail to meet food hygiene requirements, leading to around 500,000 food poisoning cases a year, it has been claimed. Research from consumer rights group Which? discovered that in 20 local authority areas the chances of someone buying from a food business that isn’t

Kitchens cooking ‘pink’ burgers must get approval from today

New regulations that govern the sale of ‘pink’ burgers by foodservice establishments were ushered into force across the UK today. The new laws, which follow a recent Food Standards Agency consultation last year, require specific approval for establishments producing minced meat preparations for foods intended to be eaten “less than thoroughly cooked”. This applies to

Named and shamed: Best and worst areas for restaurant food hygiene revealed

A new study has revealed the best and worst council areas for food hygiene ratings at restaurants and cafes in the UK. The Food Standards Agency website holds the data from inspections carried out by each local authority under the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme. Every business that serves food is awarded with a hygiene rating