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Jestic’s timely fryer workshop answers every operator’s acrylamide questions

Jestic’s timely fryer workshop answers every operator’s acrylamide questions

Jestic is set to hold another instalment of its free frying and oil management workshop, presenting a timely opportunity for operators keen to get their heads around this week’s introduction of new acrylamide guidelines. The day-long course, at Jestic’s development kitchen in Paddock Wood, will take place on Tuesday 12 June and give operators a

OPINION: Why testing your oil can protect your restaurant’s reputation

Some foodservice operators are saving as much as 20% on oil consumption a year, simply by testing their oil on a regular basis, writes Ashton Bayliss, product marketing manager at test and measurement specialist Testo. While many operators have now adopted technology to test their cooking oil, a significant number of restaurants and foodservice providers

First Jestic masterclass for operators takes place tomorrow

The first set of operators signed up to Jestic’s free quarterly educational workshops will be given a masterclass in frying when the launch session kicks off tomorrow. Jestic is still accepting places on the one-day course at its test kitchen in Paddock Wood, Kent, but it is almost fully booked. The course has been created

Jestic launches series of free ‘Education Workshop’ for operators

With a portfolio featuring some of the industry’s most respected equipment brands, Jestic Foodservice Equipment offers exceptional product knowledge, industry leading service and after-sales care and experience working on everything from design and specification to install, staff training and menu development. Now, in a move to share this expert knowledge, Jestic has announced the launch

New Velocity Series from Henny Penny changes the way the world fries

Setting entirely new standards in performance, consistency and savings, Henny Penny, the worldwide leader in pressure frying, is delighted to launch the Velocity Series, an innovative new range of pressure fryers which combine lower oil volume with significantly enhanced oil life to achieve savings of up to 80%. Designed from the floor up, the models

Supplier calls for ‘gold standard’ in frying techniques following health scare

A Hull-based company behind a filter designed for use in commercial deep fat fryers has called for a ‘gold standard’ in frying techniques, following the launch of a major public awareness campaign to help people reduce ‘cancer-causing’ acrylamide in over-cooked food. A government crackdown on acrylamide, a known carcinogen, which is believed to be produced