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Customers shun restaurants with inferior warewashing equipment

Customers shun restaurants with inferior warewashing equipment

The majority of British diners would not make a repeat visit to a restaurant if they were presented with dirty glassware and crockery. A survey undertaken by British warewashing brand, Classeq, has revealed that over 97% of consumers said they would be put off by eating or drinking out of home in an establishment where

New supplier established to market high-end catering glass and kitchenware

A new business called GlassCo Limited has been established in the UK to specialise in the distribution of Duralex glassware and tableware for catering operators. The business will exclusively concentrate on the Duralex product range, stocking the entire portfolio, from drinkware to tableware and kitchenware . The iconic Duralex glassware has been made in France

6 glasswashing questions every operator needs the answer to

Here, experts from a group of leading glasswasher and warewasher suppliers answer some of the most common questions operators have about their machines and how to specify the perfect unit. 1. My business has started using taller and sleeker glassware and I know from experience in the past that this has caused problems due to

José Pizarro chain comes up sparkling with Winterhalter

With the promise of food like nothing customers have tasted before and a rich Mediterranean beverage menu to help wash it down, Jose Pizarro’s take on Spanish cuisine at his newest restaurant has got the punters talking. But behind the scenes, it’s the chain’s warewashing equipment that is proving to be the star of the

Glass act: 8 tips for choosing equipment that will make your barware sparkle

Presentation of drinks is more important now than it’s ever been and using the right glassware, whether it’s for beer, wine, soft drinks or cocktails, is key to customer perception. But keeping glasses looking as good as the day they arrived can only be achieved with the right glasswashing equipment. John Nelson, managing director of