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Diners at big chains ‘demand app ordering’

Diners at big chains ‘demand app ordering’

Customers of chains including Nando’s, Pizza Express and Wagamama want to be able to order their food and drink using a digital tablet or app, according to a new report. Over 50% of Nando’s customers would like to see digital ordering according to hospitality tech company Ordamo, which carried out an interactive menu survey of 1,500

SPECIAL REPORT: Inamo syncs front and back-of-house with new tech

Many operators fear that bringing technology into kitchens and front-of-house, especially in the form of ordering systems, can throw off the balance of an operation. Inamo is one chain which is embracing technology and insisting that it is able to maintain seamless kitchen operations in spite of new ordering systems. Sushi restaurant Inamo is pioneering

Inamo group insists iPad ordering is not an issue for kitchen operations

Restaurant group Inamo is still able to maintain efficient and effective kitchen operations in spite of iPad ordering systems, which can often place added pressure on chefs and equipment. The Sushi chain said it has not had to adapt any of its kitchen kit and is able to run a smooth operation, even with guests

Restaurant group Inamo slashes kitchen paperwork with latest tech system

Pan-Asian restaurant group Inamo has rolled out the latest cloud-based food safety management technology from Checkit across its three London restaurants. With interactive tables and fingertip ordering, Inamo has always been a fan of using technology in its restaurants. The Checkit food safety management system means that the company is now using innovative mobile handsets

Kitchens of the future face a total tech takeover

Diners want a faster, more flexible way of dining that adopts technology and digital advances to personalise their experiences, a new report has claimed. The quarterly dining trends report, released by booking platform Bookatable, said that personalisation is key, with almost half (47%) expecting to curate their entire dining experience in the not so distant