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Leon bags £25m investment for overseas expansion

Leon bags £25m investment for overseas expansion

Healthy fast-food chain Leon has secured a £25m cash boost from Swiss investors which it will use to expand into international markets. The investment came from Spice Private Equity and will help to company to build on its international portfolio which already includes two stores in the Netherlands. Now, co-founder John Vincent has indicated that

KING OF LEON: John Upton on fast food, fluid kitchens and fighting inflation

With a focus on seasonal, fresh and natural ingredients, highly successful foodservice chain Leon Restaurants has emphatically proved that fast food doesn’t have to be bad food. But what sort of kitchen model is harnessed behind the scenes to power this rapidly-growing operation? FEJ caught up with managing director John Upton, who joined the company

Linear designs and martial arts principles keep Leon’s kitchens in overdrive

Healthy restaurant chain Leon has revealed that kitchens in some of its busiest sites are equipped to deal with up to 500 orders an hour to meet consumer expectations on wait-times. And the firm even employs a Wing Tsun martial arts expert to promote techniques that improve performance and staff wellbeing. Leon has invested heavily

EXCLUSIVE: Leon working with suppliers to reduce kitchen costs

The growing cost of equipping kitchens and securing new sites is forcing restaurant chains such as Leon to work more smartly, the boss of the healthy fast food chain has said. John Upton, who joined Leon last year from McDonald’s, said there was no doubt that operators are facing enormous cost pressures from all sides

ASA rules Leon’s ‘superfood’ salad breached advertising laws

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has told Leon Restaurants that it must not use the term ‘Original Superfood Salad’ because it broke marketing rules. Leon has been ordered not to make references to general benefits of food for overall good health or health-related well-being in brand names unless those claims are accompanied by a permitted