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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Why Monika feels at home in this bold new era of the connected kitchen

INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Why Monika feels at home in this bold new era of the connected kitchen

Monika has been providing technology-based food safety solutions for 30 years – executive chairman Tim Gamble gives his account of the journey that has taken the company to where it is today

Monika stays smart under new branding as it gets set to unveil next generation of mobile kitchen products

Digital food safety and compliance expert Monika has unveiled its new branding strapline ‘Stay safe, smart & connected’. The company, which has offices in the UK, Australia and the Middle East, wants the new strapline to show commitment to food safety and compliance. The branding pre-empts a release of new mobile products which aim to

Accurate reporting in kitchens no longer has to be a chore for chains

Monika has developed what it calls a ‘total food safety system’ to help operators keep abreast of food safety measures and ongoing hygiene standards without drowning in paperwork.   The system contains a range of advanced features designed to simplify a company’s compliance with regulation and legislation, as well as provide ongoing efficiencies by freeing

SPECIAL REPORT: Finally time to say goodbye to kitchen paperwork?

With an array of kitchen systems to help operators manage HACCP processes and keep on top of tasks, technology is becoming a more intrinsic part of the catering operation. FEJ poses four big questions to some of the industry’s top tech experts to find out whether the days of being swamped by paperwork are really

Monika restructures management set-up of UK business

Wireless temperature monitoring specialist Monika has announced a restructuring of its UK business. The move has seen managing director Simon Frost part ways with the company. Monika says that its business grew 30% globally in its last financial year, while it is forecasting similar expansion in 2017 amid wider plans for continued growth in key

EQUIPMENT OF THE YEAR 2016: ‘Innovation’ category winners

The catering equipment market has had a lot to contend with this year but one consistent feature of the sector has been its ability to launch fantastic products! From spring all the way through to winter, the calendar has been populated by the introduction of new kit designed to make life easier, safer, faster and


Brand/Supplier: Monika UK launch: August 2016 Monika’s PathFinder cloud hosting service represents a state-of-the-art alternative to a foodservice operator hosting a dashboard on an internal intranet or computer system, allowing kitchen managers to monitor the temperature of their refrigerated or frozen appliances as well as both raw and cooked food items anywhere at any time.

PAPERWORK SLAYER: Meet the supplier making kitchens far less painful to manage

Paperwork: it’s the bain of every manager’s life and the commercial kitchen environment is no exception. Chefs and catering managers will readily admit that when they can’t be found rushing around preparing dishes or ordering next week’s ingredients, they’re probably hidden away in a dark room making sure that every compulsory daily food safety, cleaning

‘Operators don’t have to be drowning in kitchen paperwork’

Foodservice operators have been warned they are creating extra work for themselves by persevering with paper-based systems to keep track of hygiene and safety tasks in their kitchens. Simon Frost, managing director of wireless temperature monitoring specialist Monika, says that since moving across to the compliance side of the industry from cooking and warewashing, he