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‘Overly-flexible kit’ risks compromising kitchen quality and consistency, warns Tortilla food boss

‘Overly-flexible kit’ risks compromising kitchen quality and consistency, warns Tortilla food boss

Operators who get too carried away with installing multi-functional kitchen equipment at the cost of kit that does fewer tasks risk compromising on the quality of the end product. That’s according to the head of food at Tortilla, Martyn Clover, who is in charge of ensuring kitchens produce consistent food across almost 40 sites run

Former Rational man adds regional chef power to Frima

Frima UK has appointed Tim Calvert as its new regional development chef with responsibility for the south and south-west of England. An experienced chef with lifelong experience of the hospitality business, Calvert’s parents owned pubs and hotels and he has run pubs himself. In his previous role as development chef for sister company Rational, Calvert

Frima bows to chefs’ demands to create 50 litre cooking appliance

Frima has filled a gap in its equipment portfolio by launching a 50 litre multifunctional cooking unit. The 112L is a two-pan unit, each with a capacity of 25 litres, and was introduced after demand from customers who requested a model that sat in between the smallest and largest variations of its offering. Previous Frima

MKN innovation wins plaudits from consultants

Catering equipment manufacturer MKN is in high spirits after its FlexiChef multifunction cooking system landed an innovation award that is only given out once every five years. The accolade, from the German VdF professional consultants association, was awarded to the brand, which also makes combi ovens, after the product impressed judges with its advanced technology