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OPINION: Use equipment to its full potential or rethink your spec

OPINION: Use equipment to its full potential or rethink your spec

There is no point having a fast car if you don’t know how to drive it. The same applies to combi ovens. Operators that take time to assess the most suitable solution for their needs and commit sufficient resources to learning the technology will reap the greatest rewards in their kitchens, writes Phil Dixon at

OPINION: Combat cash flow issues without cutting corners on core kit

Finance houses are becoming savvy to industries such as hospitality that battle with seasonality and are coming up with ways to make buying decisions less painful. Operators can now source the kitchen equipment they want on terms that don’t blow a hole in their balance sheet, writes Stephanie Jones of Moore Finance Limited. The hospitality

EDITOR’S VIEW: Patience is a virtue for the box-ticking equipment buyer

It is fair to say that any individual with responsibility for equipping kitchens across multiple sites has their work cut out these days. It’s no longer enough to replenish a kitchen with appliances that only get the green light because they come in under budget or which haven’t been extensively road-tested in a live environment

National Living Wage changes the game for restaurants

When it was first introduced in the UK in 1999, the National Minimum Wage (the NMW) and its potential impact on UK businesses prompted debate and divided opinions at the time. A decade and a half later, the debate has been reignited with the revelation of the National Living Wage (the NLW) announced to replace

5 big restaurant trends to watch in 2016

What’s the outlook for the UK foodservice industry over the next 12 months? Consulting firm Technomic picks out five key trends impacting restaurants in the coming year. Trend 1: Fast-casual fever The UK is due for a fast-casual revolution. The centre of industry growth in the US, the limited-service fast-casual segment attracts consumers — especially

OPINION: Brew up more sales with the right coffee-making equipment

Great-tasting beverages depend on good quality equipment and well trained staff, writes Louise Whitaker, marketing manager at Peros, the UK’s largest distributor of Fairtrade beverages and snacks to the foodservice sector. What types of beverage machines are there? Caterers will need to utilise a range of equipment. For hot beverages, a traditional espresso machine is

Editor’s view: When equipment innovation doesn’t really matter

It can be easy to overlook the pace at which the foodservice equipment industry evolves and the extent to which product innovation enhances the market place. Every year millions of pounds of investment is ploughed into R&D by suppliers across the world to create equipment that is noticeably better than the last. Whether it’s faster,