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Regale provides heavy duty protection for commercial microwaves

With Panasonic set to cause a splash at the show with its new NE-1878 model, there is plenty for Regale Microwave Ovens to shout about as well. That’s because the company’s Microsave CPS2A-CPS3A cavity liners have been accredited as an ‘authorised accessory’ for the brand’s commercial microwave ovens. The Microsave CPS3A has been designed for

Panasonic Japan authorises Microsave Cavity Liner as accessory

Regale Microwave Ovens, creators of the labour and money-saving Microsave Cavity Liner, has received confirmation that its ingenious piece of kit has been approved as an authorised accessory by Panasonic Corporation, Japan. The news comes ahead of the Commercial Kitchen Show where Regale will be unveiling its new CPS3A Microsave Cavity Liner, designed especially for

Commercial Kitchen Top Stands to Visit (R-Z)

Rexmartins Stand H26 Rexmartins has been in the catering industry for more than 30 years and takes pride in providing quality service and technical support. The company will be attending the Commercial Kitchen show this year with its pioneering new brand: RMB. It branched out into manufacturing due to an overwhelming demand from customers for

SPECIAL REPORT: Microwave makers fight for the right to remain a kitchen’s secret weapon

Microwave technology has not changed a great deal in the last 50 years and a move towards combi oven cooking has completely transformed the way that dishes are produced. But there are so many ways to use a microwave that it would be hard to imagine a kitchen without one, as FEJ hears. Microwaves might

Microwave pioneer seeks customers’ input on patent

The British company behind an award-winning microwave cavity protector are calling on customers to share their views on a new enhancement to the product that it is working on. The directors of Regale Microwave Ovens have been awarded another 20-year patent on a further addition shelf design for the ‘Microsave Cavity Liner’, which was created