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EXCLUSIVE: The software system that predicts the perfect kitchen

EXCLUSIVE: The software system that predicts the perfect kitchen

Imagine if you could calculate and project the lifecycle costs, capital replacement costs and carbon footprint of every kitchen you operate for the next five to 15 years? Well, you can, thanks to a new cloud-based service called CaterOps, which has undergone market trials and is now in the process of being launched commercially. The

Delays in replacing catering equipment hitting operators where it hurts

Foodservice operators are delaying equipment replacement for too long and ultimately end up being forced to make a decision when equipment fails to the detriment of the overall lifecycle cost of their catering facilities. That’s the verdict of a leading FCSI consultant behind a new software system that enables them to project energy use, energy

Repair or replace? The big dilemma facing kitchen operators

It’s the age-old question asked by every commercial kitchen operator: when a piece of kit slows down or fails completely, should you repair it in an attempt to extend its working life or replace it altogether? FEJ went in search of the answer and discovered it’s all about considering the bigger picture. Recessions impact markets

Special report: What makes operators replace their kit?

With the UK catering equipment market estimated to be growing by around 3.5% as it recovers from the economic downturn, new research from Electrolux reveals that purchasers and specifiers are looking to invest in replacement equipment to capitalise on the growing number of people choosing to dine out. FEJ examines how the data stacks up.