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Caterer takes the creative route to overcome ventilation hurdles holding up kitchen plans

Target Catering Equipment has created a ventilation system which meets the strict conditions set out by local authorities for listed buildings after riding to the rescue of a local customer facing a regulatory hurdle.  In December, following a planning application for ‘Change of Use’ from Public House, Amici Catering & Co Ltd was granted planning

Target Catering Equipment guide

Target unveils industry roadmap for commercial plancha cooking

Commercial kitchen specialist Target Catering Equipment has released a specifically-designed plancha guide to outline the variation in applications. Target’s ‘Guide to Commercial Plancha Cooking’, which details the main differences found between the electric griddle, electric plancha and induction plancha, was designed to ensure distributors and end-users have a correct understanding of what the products features

Commercial Kitchen Top Stands to Visit (R-Z)

Rexmartins Stand H26 Rexmartins has been in the catering industry for more than 30 years and takes pride in providing quality service and technical support. The company will be attending the Commercial Kitchen show this year with its pioneering new brand: RMB. It branched out into manufacturing due to an overwhelming demand from customers for

OPINION: Why it’s out with tradition for Asian restaurant kitchens

With new hurdles and challenges facing the sector every year, traditional Asian Oriental kitchens need to evolve in order to be successful, writes David Pedrette of Target Catering Equipment. Asian Oriental cuisine is a favourite on British high streets, however it’s a fiercely competitive market and with an estimated two businesses closing down each week,

Catering equipment maker receives ‘Innovation in Business’ award

Target Catering Equipment has been awarded the ‘Innovation in Business’ accolade at the Gloucestershire Business Show 2016. The company is credited with working tirelessly over the past eight years to change business owners and chefs’ perceptions of commercial kitchens across the UK through the development of innovative catering equipment. Recognising that business owners required cooler,

Target Catering Equipment releases induction cooking suite

Target Catering Equipment has unleashed a new cooking suite that is manufactured in the UK using the latest European induction technology. The Target Chefs’ Range is a combination of modern induction and plancha cooking technology and standard cookline equipment, which the company says is designed to easily replace inefficient traditional gas-fired equipment. The large flat