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OPINION: How major fast food chains ensure consistent quality of fried food on a global scale

OPINION: How major fast food chains ensure consistent quality of fried food on a global scale

A significant number of restaurants in the UK are yet to introduce a process for measuring their oil, creating challenges for their kitchens that could easily be avoided, writes Ashton Bayliss at Testo. Consistency is one of the most important components of the fast food industry. In order to keep loyal customers satisfied, restaurants need to

Free downloadable report guides kitchen operators around new food safety rules

Changes to the way in which the Food Standards Agency monitors food businesses are set to put new compliance demands on commercial kitchens – but a leading industry tech firm has published a free whitepaper explaining how operators can manage the transition. Work management and automated monitoring specialist Checkit is shedding light on what the

SPECIAL REPORT: Finally time to say goodbye to kitchen paperwork?

With an array of kitchen systems to help operators manage HACCP processes and keep on top of tasks, technology is becoming a more intrinsic part of the catering operation. FEJ poses four big questions to some of the industry’s top tech experts to find out whether the days of being swamped by paperwork are really

PAPERWORK SLAYER: Meet the supplier making kitchens far less painful to manage

Paperwork: it’s the bain of every manager’s life and the commercial kitchen environment is no exception. Chefs and catering managers will readily admit that when they can’t be found rushing around preparing dishes or ordering next week’s ingredients, they’re probably hidden away in a dark room making sure that every compulsory daily food safety, cleaning

Monika responds to tech savvy operators with new appointment

Wireless temperature monitoring specialist Monika has expanded its product development team to keep up with increasingly tech savvy operators. It has appointed Piero Mollica to the company’s newly created software developer role. The firm said that the appointment characterises the company’s vision for growth and expansion through pioneering product development in both the short and

Cloud hosting service keeps kitchens and refrigeration compliant

With the days of time consuming checks and paper-based recording becoming a thing of the past for commercial kitchens, businesses are rapidly turning to automated temperature monitoring and wireless food safety solutions. Now, in a move that sector specialist Monika hopes will set it apart in the market, the company has launched a cloud-hosted subscription

ETI introduces DishTemp thermometer for commercial dishwashers

Digital thermometer manufacturer ETI Ltd has designed a new DishTemp thermometer that accurately records the maximum surface temperature of a commercial dishwasher during its wash cycle. Designed for everyday commercial use, the unit is placed inside a commercial dishwasher to simulate a plate and incorporates a durable water-tight seal rated to IP66. The DishTemp is user-friendly

Mexican chain keeps electronic tabs on its kitchen

Whether you are operating a handful of outlets or several hundred, the latest wireless monitoring solutions make it possible to keep tab on the entire kitchen equipment estate and optimise internal HACCP processes. For one UK restaurant company, adopting such a system has completely transformed its ability to control the kitchen, as FEJ reveals. Nanna