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Target prize saves Westbury’s condemned kitchen

Target prize saves Westbury’s condemned kitchen

Westbury Village Hall has won over £900 worth of equipment funding from the Carbon Trust. With existing gas fired kitchen equipment having been condemned, the committee decided to invest in the latest energy efficient cooking technology by British manufacturers Target Catering Equipment. “The gas kitchen was struggling to cope with the growing demands of the

Skyrocketing energy bills could leave operators crying in their kitchens

Foodservice operators could see the running costs of their kitchens spiral out of control in the coming months due to gas supply problems and the Brexit effect, a leading energy specialist has warned. Pressure on the energy supply chain looks set to result in a hike in gas and electricity prices this winter, which in

INDUSTRY DEBATE: The hidden costs of your kitchens

The capital cost of developing and equipping a kitchen is only half the story for operators. Often the real expense comes from what happens to that kitchen over its lifetime — how it is managed, the efficiency of the equipment, the behaviour of staff and numerous other variables. FEJ editor Andrew Seymour chaired a panel

Operators burning money by failing to track kitchen costs

A lack of awareness over the methods available to track catering equipment energy consumption is leading operators to lose out on huge savings, industry experts claim. With utility costs soaring and operators not always fully aware of which appliances consume more energy than others, the smart metering of kitchens or equipment has been cited as

Expert panel to debate the hidden costs of commercial kitchens

An expert panel of foodservice experts will be discussing the hidden costs facing commercial kitchens when the Commercial Kitchen show gets underway on June 7. Foodservice Equipment Journal’s editor, Andrew Seymour, will be chairing the 30-minute debate – entitled ‘The Hidden Costs of Your Kitchen’ – as panellists discuss the real factors driving up costs

Winterhalter bids to help chains face green kitchen facts

Winterhalter has just become the first foodservice equipment manufacturer to attain the Carbon Footprint label. But what does it really mean — and why should chain operators care? FEJ reports. As a way of demonstrating that they listen to their customers, manufacturers will often insist that the inspiration for a new product or service has

Winterhalter first with energy cost calculator certified by Carbon Trust

Winterhalter has become the first catering equipment company to achieve carbon footprint certification through the Carbon Trust in a move that it is hailing as a major step forward for caterers wanting to ‘know and show’ their green credentials. FEJ’s sister publication Catering Insight exclusively revealed details of the move, which has seen The Carbon

85% of cooking equipment costs is in energy

The motivation for foodservice operators to invest in energy saving catering equipment should strengthen as a result of rising utility costs and a better understanding of lifecycle costs. That’s the view of The Carbon Trust, which believes the industry’s obsession with CAPEX when procuring commercial kitchen equipment is beginning to fade, albeit very slowly. Speaking