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EXCLUSIVE: Subway’s dishwasher roll-out programme picks up pace

EXCLUSIVE: Subway’s dishwasher roll-out programme picks up pace

Subway has struck a three-year agreement with Hobart that will see the latest warewashing equipment made available to its franchisees across the UK and Europe. The warewashers will be a mandatory fixture in new and remodelled Subway stores as part of a move expected to save operators time, improve efficiency and drive profitability. Roll-out is

Nelson to show off latest warewashers at this year’s Caffé Culture

Nelson is set to highlight its kitchen and counter design and installation services alongside its latest warewashers at the event. The commercial dishwasher and glasswasher firm, based in London, will outline how it believes its new Advantage warewashers are high performance and simultaneously energy saving. Using minimal water and energy, Nelson claims Advantage provides exceptional

80% of operators never use their dishwashers to their full potential

Classeq claims that a survey it carried out shows that pubs, hotels and restaurants prefer to have simpler, easy to use and reliable warewashing equipment over machines packed with various features and wash options. The British manufacturer said that more than 75% of operators interviewed in its poll felt that technological advancement in warewashing has

Wrapping service allows warewashers to be hidden in plain sight

Project Distribution (Prodis) has developed a vinyl wrapping service for all its undercounter glasswashers and dishwashers. The company said the move is in response to the space challenges faced by many venues, which puts pressure on designers to become more creative with both back and front-of-house installations. National accounts manager Darren Mairs says the vinyl

EXCLUSIVE: Classeq slashes build times for operators that want equipment instantly replaced

Classeq is now capable of providing customers with warewashing equipment on a next-day basis thanks to the investment it has made in a new state-of-the-art factory, its managing director has said. The Winterhalter-owned warewashing brand opened its new UK factory several weeks ago after acquiring a large patch of land a couple of miles from

Operators reveal the thing they most want from a warewasher

Operators rank ‘reliability’ as the most important factor when purchasing warewashing equipment, a new study has claimed. According to British dishwasher maker Classeq, which undertook the survey, 80% of front-of-house managers pinpointed reliability as their number one priority when buying a warewasher. Adam Lenton, marketing manager at Classeq, said it was interesting to see reliability

MARKET INSIGHT: 5 future kitchen equipment trends to watch

Where are the greatest gains in energy efficiency likely to come from in the future? FEJ picks out five key areas with the help of a selection of experts in the field. 1. Alternative refrigerants Ian Wood, managing director of Adande, “fears” that many manufacturers will be driven by regulations and legislation, rather than ambition,