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3M devises new system to stop catering equipment scaling up

3M has launched a new range of water filtration solutions for the catering and hospitality industries, offering more capabilities and user control in its products than ever before. Among a host of other benefits, the ScaleGard Blend Series of cartridges and filter heads from 3M – now available in the UK and Ireland – reduces

Kitchens hampered by lack of knowledge around water treatment

Commercial kitchens in the UK are being undermined by the fact that a startling number of professional chefs lack knowledge around water treatment, research suggests. A poll conducted by The Craft Guild of Chefs and BRITA Professional showed that over half of professional chefs (59%) consider their knowledge of water treatment to be poor or

BRITA puts up cash for Coffee Master challenge

BRITA Professional is challenging visitors to this year’s London Coffee Festival to take part in a special ‘Coffee Masters’ battle. The on-stand challenge, which mirrors the ‘cupping’ discipline of the Coffee Masters, will see visitors taste four coffees and attempt to identify them correctly within a strict time limit. With only memory and taste to

Roundtable debate: How important is water filtration for commercial kitchens?

Any caterer or foodservice operator with a combination oven installed in their kitchen will, in all likelihood, regard it as integral to their daily operation. But how many understand the true role that water filtration solutions play in keeping these appliances functioning properly — and more importantly the consequences of failing to maintain them? Foodservice

3M tackles water quality for cafes and restaurants

3M claims restaurants can look forward to higher quality water faster after unveiling its latest ScaleGard HP Reverse Osmosis System. The company says the equipment provides “three times greater” Reverse Osmosis (RO) capacity than previous generations, delivering a faster supply of recipe quality water with proven reliability. The new high-production RO filter at the heart