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FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT OF THE YEAR 2017: ‘Innovation’ category winners

FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT OF THE YEAR 2017: ‘Innovation’ category winners

The catering equipment market has had a lot to contend with this year but one consistent feature of the sector has been its ability to launch fantastic products! From spring all the way through to winter, the calendar has been populated by the introduction of new kit designed to make life easier, safer, faster and

Pizza chain credits innovative rotating oven with transforming kitchen

Pizza delivery chain Firezza has credited the specification of a rotating pizza oven with transforming the kitchen production process across its estate.   The company uses more than one type of pizza oven across its 22-strong takeaway and delivery portfolio, but the purchase of the Marana Forni Genius rotating oven has delivered the most significant benefits

Marana Forni designs oven for fast casual pizza operations

Marana Forni, the inventor of the rotating deck pizza oven, has designed and built an oven specifically for fast casual pizza operations. The ‘Genius’ oven allows operators to programme their desired cook time and temperature, which can then be locked in and is automatically maintained. The oven cooks the pizza in precisely one turn of

MARKET REPORT: Why the key to the perfect pizza is the right oven

People love pizza. Whether it’s crispy, authentic Neapolitan, American deep-pan or thin base, the demand for the Italian food stuff has always been high and it’s certainly not looking like that will change. The key to perfect pizza and, by extension happy customers, is the right pizza oven. But with so many options to choose