Target unveils industry roadmap for commercial plancha cooking

Target Catering Equipment plancha

Commercial kitchen specialist Target Catering Equipment has released a specifically-designed plancha guide to outline the variation in applications.

Target’s ‘Guide to Commercial Plancha Cooking’, which details the main differences found between the electric griddle, electric plancha and induction plancha, was designed to ensure distributors and end-users have a correct understanding of what the products features are and how to differentiate them from each other.

The online guide features explanations combined with videos and images to give a clear and easy to interpret understanding of the products.

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The report outlines: “Although seemingly similar to a solid top appliance, all three pieces of equipment featured in this guide are intended to be used for cooking produce directly on, without the use of a pan.

“By using a pan on any of these pieces of equipment you run the risk of creating hot spots on the plate as heat can be conducted back into the surface which can cause plates to warp and can also create malfunctions in the technology systems beneath.”

The launch of the equipment guide comes after Target introduced induction planchas into its bespoke induction ranges.

Target also manufactures bespoke commercial induction ranges to meet specific requirements for distributors and designers.

Operators can view the guide HERE.

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