Tech firm calls time on ‘sloppy’ restaurant service

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Payments processor Worldpay claims to have “called time on sloppy restaurant service” with the launch of a new payments solution for the hospitality industry.

Designed around the needs of the fast-paced food and drink industry, Worldpay Total Hospitality enables restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs to streamline service while delivering an outstanding customer experience.

The complete payments solution has been created with the customer in mind, with a range of innovative features taking the stress out of setting up a tab, calculating the tip and splitting the bill.

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Recent research by the firm identified waiting for the bill as one of the biggest pain points for time-strapped diners, with one-fifth of consumers regularly frustrated at how long it takes.

Delays in receiving the card machine, as the server goes back and forth from the till increases this annoyance for 15% of diners – this rises to 25% for 21–34 year olds indicating that this obstacle will only increase in the future.

A quarter of consumers say the speed of service in restaurants is too slow. This is particularly true for younger generations who have grown up with the internet at their fingertips, with 30% of 16-34-year-olds calling this out as an issue with the existing dining experience.

In fact, only 6% of consumers find that service meets their expectations of being quick and efficient. Rather than deter operators, this insight shows that there is real opportunity to capture a greater share of the market and win over loyal consumers by differentiating through a more customer centric service.

Worldpay Total Hospitality addresses the growing need for a more frictionless service in the restaurant industry. The smart ‘pay at table’ technology enables staff to call up the bill as soon as it is requested, print it straight away via the card machine, and take payment at the same time, eliminating the back and forth between table and till.

The fully integrated solution connects and consolidates payments across all channels, whether customers are paying at the counter, at the table or via a mobile app. Seamless synchronisation between the electronic point-of-sale and payment devices removes the need for manual entry of transaction amounts.

All this adds up to improved server productivity and increased operational efficiency, helping hospitality businesses to serve more covers during peak times, according to the firm.

Shaun Puckrin, chief product and innovation officer UK and Europe at Worldpay, said: “Increasingly, consumers have come to expect the same frictionless service they receive online in the real world, with technology shifting the perception of what the modern dining experience should be. Payment stress can taint the entire dining experience Worldpay Total Hospitality allows restaurants to alleviate the payment heartburn.

“Equipping staff with the latest technology is the most effective way for restaurant operators to consistently deliver that first-class customer experience diners are craving. Not only will it speed up service, having a highly positive end to the meal will elevate perceptions of the dining experience as a whole.”

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