EcoWasteXchange takes on sales of machine that ‘eats’ food waste


The WasteMaster machine, a technologically advanced food waste reduction system, is now being sold through a new website called, FEJ can reveal.

The system reduces greenhouse gas emissions by diverting perishable food waste away from landfill, incineration or being flushed into the sewer system.

Reducing the amount of food waste by up to 80%, the remaining 20% outputs as a brown, stable powder that can be used in anaerobic digestion plants, biomass boilers and even as fish food or animal food. This residual powder now attracts between £125 – £200 per ton depending on its final use, according to the company.

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Supporting customers with process improvements and personalised machine developments, the machine helps to reduce the overall impact of food waste disposal on both businesses and the environment.

An innovative on-site continuous food and organic waste processing and converting system featuring proprietary Mixed Ion Reactive Approach (M.I.R.A) technology is used to accelerate the decomposition of food waste without the need for water or any additives.

For every 500kg of food waste loaded into the system, the WasteMaster outputs just 100kg of residual material.

Only very brief operational training is required as all the user needs to do is load the machine and press the start button.

The waste conversion process takes less than 24 hours, depending on the type of putrescible material loaded and the remotely monitored system indicates when full and unloads automatically when the process has finished.

The unique M.I.R.A. ionisation technology enables the food waste to be processed without adding water, additives, enzymes, microorganisms, or any other elements.

After conversion only 20% of the volume of waste is output. The converted dry residual material is high in calorific value and, depending on the material loaded, the residue is suitable for a range of purposes including green energy which fits perfectly with the circular economy as it is re-purposed food waste rather than a contribution to methane gas.

The EcoWasteXchange features automated reporting which provides reports on food waste conversion through a client web interface.

The system automatically generates information on exactly how much food waste is processed ensuring accuracy of data for environmental reporting and waste minimisation planning purposes.

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