Testo transforms quality management process for fast food kitchens

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Testo has promised to make paperwork and manual documentation a thing of the past for quick-service restaurants with a brand new solution for kitchen checks and monitoring.

Quality management is traditionally a time-consuming and expensive task for restaurants, but the company is confident its ‘Testo Saveris Restaurant’ offering will deliver the automation that operators have been crying out for.

Testo Saveris Restaurant combines intuitive software and precise measurement technology to make daily job processes noticeably easier, safer and more efficient.

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It allows all paper documents to be converted into a digital format and will help operators demonstrate the highest level of due diligence and ensure quality checks are completed on time and correctly.

By removing the need for paper and automating many checks required in a restaurant, it can also help reduce operating costs and improve efficiency, while also providing users with comprehensive analysis and reporting options.

The system itself includes a fully integrated temperature monitoring system, control unit (tablet), probes for spot checks, and a cockpit where all quality data can be accessed.

“With a Testo Saveris Restaurant system in place, you can also incorporate alarm triggered monitoring, which will notify the correct person within the company immediately, should there be a critical temperature fluctuation in one of the fridges for instance,” explained Ashton Bayliss, product marketing manager at Testo.

“Businesses often leave themselves at risk of incurring needless costs should there be a power cut, or system malfunction. This can lead to wasted stock or worse; a legal dispute. Such costs can be detrimental to both production and reputation (should the tainted stock be distributed) and will ultimately have a negative effect on profit margins.”

Whilst Testo equipment has consistently proved extremely effective across a range of industries, in a globally networked world, simply taking accurate measurements is only half the battle, Mr Bayliss said. The larger, more advanced companies are now seeking comprehensive management of all quality parameters, with intelligent and complete solutions.

“Up until now, quality management in quick-service restaurants has involved heaps of paperwork and manual documentation, which can be very time-consuming and not at all cost effective. With this type of methodology there is also a high risk of human errors, and quality data can be difficult to analyse properly. This only adds to compliance risks should a quality audit be required. Testo’s latest solution aims to make daily job processes noticeably easier, safer and more efficient.”

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