The Alchemist credits grills with creating food that thrills

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Bar chain The Alchemist is revered for its spectacular potion-esque cocktails which pool with smoke and blaze with flames, but back-of-house its kitchen team credit innovative cooking equipment with ensuring its food offer is just as creative.

Five years ago, the company introduced Synergy Grills to its cookline, allowing chefs to transform cuts of meat and veggies into delicious and aesthetic dishes.

Culinary director Seamus O’Donnell says the kit has helped elevate its food offering to new heights.

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“The menu possibilities that it offers is well and truly endless, hence why we use the grill for cooking various elements of many of our dishes.

“For example, we utilise the Synergy Grill to cook various elements of our hugely popular deconstructed lamb kebab such as the rump, the kebab and the flatbread itself, whilst also using it to create some of our other most popular dishes such as fillet steaks, rib-eye steaks, chicken burgers and sizzling fajitas.”

Mr O’Donnell insists that as well as improving the taste and appearance of food, the grills have led to greater consistency of dishes.

“The Synergy Grills are an easy bit of kit to love because they are so consistent. When cooking on a Synergy Grill, chefs can feel confident that no that matter where they place the food item, a consistent heat will be maintained with no cold spots.”

“It’s important that chefs get to use good equipment that they can rely on, and with the Synergy Grill, you get exactly that: it’s a char-grill that allows our chefs to perform at astronomical levels, even during a busy Saturday night service.”

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