The kitchen sink is your enemy, claims manufacturer


Catering equipment manufacturer Granuldisk claims the biggest energy-wasting items in commercial kitchens are not individual machines, but sink basins.

That’s because many catering establishments are still using conventional methods to clean pots and pans, according to product manager, Cecilia Carlsten.

She suggests catering equipment manufacturers are making huge investments in product development to make their kit greener, yet where pot washing is concerned their efforts are often “futile” because of a failure to target the real issues.

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“What the industry doesn’t seem to realise is the fact that the biggest water, energy and chemical wasters are not the machines at all, but the sinks in the pot washing area,” she says.

Carlsten claims the two-step process of soaking food-ridden pots in sinks and then putting them through a warewasher for a hygienically-clean result can be consolidated into a single process through the granule technology that it offers.

The mechanical cleaning power of the granules together with high-pressure water is efficient enough to eliminate the need for pre-washing, as everything is taken care of inside the machine within a few minutes.

“The significant economic and environmental savings that follow swapping a traditional pot wash setting for Granule technology speak for themselves. Our clients often reduce consumption of water, energy and chemicals by up to 60% while at the same time ensuring top hygienic wash results,” added Carlsten.

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