“There is so much that kitchen designers can do to solve operator pain points”

Nic Banner, vice president of sales, UK & Ireland

Specifi is the leading platform for content creation, design, quotations and project management for foodservice professionals in over 80 countries. With a global data repository containing CAD symbols, BIM/Revit families, catalogues and price lists for over 500,000 products from more than 300 manufacturers, the company’s technology connects the entire foodservice spectrum. As kitchens become more streamlined and efficient, Specifi’s VP sales for the UK and Ireland, Nic Banner, discusses how it is developing innovative tools that make the design process seamless. 

Why is innovation in kitchen design so important?

As a leading global provider of software solutions for the foodservice design industry, Specifi has spent many years enhancing our portfolio of products to accommodate innovation within the design process. With some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we are able to offer the very best of innovative products to our ever growing customer base.

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What technologies are driving kitchen design innovations?

Given the over stretched nature of the employment situation within the hospitality sector, it is becoming increasingly evident, that labour- and time-saving equipment have been brought very much to the fore.

Many of our manufacturers have introduced accelerated cooking technology within the last 12 to 18 months. A much greater emphasis is being placed on manufacturers to provide equipment with a much lower carbon footprint. Moving forward this will become increasingly important as we approach the targets set by the government.

How is Specifi Global helping to advance the kitchen design process?

Specifi is a single source of truth for the FSE design process. Whether it be a dealer using our design platform or a manufacturer asking to have their equipment created to IFSE standards, Specifi is there to help. With the introduction of our new Organiser and Organiser + platforms, Specifi is also offering the manufacturer the opportunity to build their own digital asset management library, in a platform designed specifically for the foodservice equipment industry.

Enhanced features in our Organiser + programme will also give manufacturers enhanced analytics, the ability to create and share their content both internally and externally.

What effect has the pandemic had on kitchen design going forward?

The effects of Covid-19 and also Brexit have changed not only the way that we work, but the way that people want to work in the future. The industry has been decimated by both, and whilst the industry has come back fighting, there is so much that kitchen designers can do to help cut costs.

In the short term, designers need to concentrate on more compact kitchens that can be run more effectively with fewer staff, and also in the longer term to streamline kitchens with more efficient and user-friendly equipment.

What are your plans for the business over the next 12 months?

Specifi has a whole new range of products to bring to the market in 2021. Our cloud-based design and quote platforms are quite probably the most advanced in the world. Combine this with the opportunity to create your own digital asset management programme and upload that to our quote and design platforms, make our offering quite unique within our industry.

Specifi is the sponsor of the Operator of the Year for Kitchen Design category at the 2021 FEJ Awards

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