Thermodyne modifies equipment for smaller UK kitchens

Thermodyne hot holding

Thermodyne is reconfiguring a selection of its products to meet a specific demand from UK-based operators short on kitchen space.

The company is renowned for its heavy duty hot holding equipment, which assists operators with ensuring quick service delivery at peak times.

Craig McNerlin, director of Kitchen & Restaurant Projects, which represents the brand in the UK, says plans are in place to offer a solution for customers faced with smaller footprints.

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He explained: “We know that in the UK kitchen space is at a premium, and every corner has to be used, especially in historical and older buildings.

“With this in mind, some models of the Thermodyne are now being designed with remote power heads so that the only thing located in the expensive area of the kitchen, between knee high and eye-sight, is the food drawer.”

Mr McNerlin said hot holding equipment was more relevant today than at any other time in history due to the need for food that is cooked and served with careful control.

“Today’s stringent food safety regulations require kitchens to maintain a proper and safe temperature control of its menu. In many cases, the result is over cooking of their food, just to ensure that the “safe” temperature is reached and maintained,” he added.

Thermodyne uses a Precision Heat Transfer System to gently heat food products to the set temperature without ever rising above it, putting an end to temperature abuse issues.

Since the unit does not circulate hot air, cross-contamination and flavour transfer are eliminated.

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