Tillpoint launches new type of business app to enhance hospitality businesses


Fast-growing tech company Tillpoint Enterprise has launched its modular business management application and has seen a significant number of businesses signing up to the iPad-based system, which allows hospitality users to manage every aspect of business operation, including point of sale, inventory, customers, staff and accounting. 

The company, whose headquarters is based in Hammersmith, has been tirelessly developing its business app for over three years, created by experts in the fields of business, computer programming and design.

Tillpoint was finally released to the App Store in early December last year after 16 months of successful beta testing with many stores.

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The system is not restricted in its capacity to perform more than one function. Many business owners today are paying for, and needing to integrate, multiple apps in order to run their business; one for POS, another for accounting, another for table management, and so on. The unique benefit of Tillpoint is that it’s an all-in-one system that covers every need.

Tillpoint’s business management and EPOS system was designed primarily for businesses in the retail, hospitality and services sectors, but was designed with high customisation abilities and can be tweaked to cover the needs of almost any business.

According to a source at the company, initially the app was released in the UK but after a very high number of enquiries by a variety of businesses from the US, Middle East, Europe and Australia, Tillpoint took the decision to release it globally on the App Store.

However, this decision did not come lightly as Tillpoint takes customer service so seriously and are not willing to compromise on the after-sales support.

Marketing executive, Cordy Bartlett, explained: “Without a proper system in place it would be impossible to manage such a large influx of customers while still providing a high-level of customer service. Luckily, we’ve got a great team that prioritise customer care and who adhere to a very meticulous support system. We want to be known as a company that can be relied upon.”

Tillpoint is suitable for a wide range of business sizes from one-person startups to large multi-store enterprises, in a number of industries, but most notably in restaurants and hospitality.

One of its newest features includes a comprehensive table reservations module, which is set to be released over the coming days.

Tillpoint is also soon unveiling a web-based version of their software to reach a wider audience, enabling customers to run their business and process transactions through any web browser, in addition to the existing iPad application.

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