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In unprecedented times, this is a unique, but essential, celebration of the resilience and excellence of our industry.

Hobart couldn’t be prouder to lend its support to the very first Kitchen & Equipment Awards Week. So far this week we’ve enjoyed seeing distributors rightly lauded for their contributions to the industry and it’s fantastic that there’s more to come.

Though the celebrations may be carried out digitally for this year at least, let this take nothing away from the deserved winners and runners-up.

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Distributors are integral to the manufacturing operation, and nothing is more important now than partnership and togetherness.

This has been the most challenging year for hospitality in living memory, and there’s doubtless more to come before things get better, yet we’ve still seen a great deal of positivity in amongst the bad news.

During the very worst of the pandemic, Ceda showed great leadership through its webinar series. As a key partner, Hobart undertook a number of product presentations and Q&A sessions on the platform.

Both were really well patronised, with a varied audience including new dealers as well as furloughed distributor staff keen to ensure they remain up-to-speed.

That, for us, was extremely heartening and testament this industry’s drive for excellence, its willingness to engage, learn new things and always improve.

So, this week we gather – albeit remotely, around our screens – to honour industry heroes.

The digital communications revolution, expedited by the pandemic, offers so many new opportunities, yet it will never replace the ambience of a bustling and excited room, a congratulatory handshake or even hug.

We certainly hope that 2021’s Kitchen & Equipment Awards will provide the chance to honour people face-to-face.

But for now, on with the show!

 Hobart UK has now aligned its Warewash and Cooking divisions into one single sales and administration operation known simply as the Hobart Equipment Division. To learn more, visit or call 0844 888 7777

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