TOP 10: Specialist food prep devices that will transform your kitchen ops

Hallde CC-34 Combi Cutter

Manual food prep work is part and parcel of kitchen life, but there’s also plenty of innovative equipment out there that can help to lighten the load. Here is FEJ’s pick of some of the most useful kit around at the moment.

Simply click on each link to learn about the innovation and what sort of operation it is most practical for.

1. Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 Food Processor and Aerating Container

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2. Taurus Group Mycook induction-heated kitchen robot

3. LLK Twin Speed Mixer

4. Electrolux Professional TRS 600469 vegetable slicer

5. Hallde CC-34 Combi Cutter

6. Sirman Plutone Mixer

7. Edlund Tomato Laser Slicer

8. Hendi Digital Blender with Noise Cover

9. Sous Vide Tools Excalibur 10 Tray Dehydrator

10. Fimar TV 2500/3000 Commercial Veg Prep Machine

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