TOP 15: Induction innovations to make commercial kitchens more efficient

Garland Instinct Griddle

Induction is increasingly being specified in commercial kitchens to improve the working environment and provide a greener, more precise alternative to gas. FEJ takes a look at some of the best technology out there in the market at the moment.

1. CookTek SinAqua Souper induction unit

The brand new CookTek SinAqua Souper induction warmer eliminates the use of water while maintaining food quality. It has a holding temperature ranging from 60°C to 93°C and maintains the temperature accurately. It is versatile and can be used for keeping warm a range of foods, such as porridge, chilli and curries.

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As the unit is simply plugged in and ready for use, no water lines or drains are required. The CookTek SinAqua Souper induction warmer automatically indicates when the soup needs to be stirred, has a built-in timer and gives a warning if the pan is becoming dry.

2. Adventys Induc-NoLimit MO4NL

Induc-NoLimit has 16 inductors covering its vitro-ceramic glass surface, with the option to select 220 temperature levels ranging from 30°C to 250°C via a simple-to-use touch control panel. Designed to make the entire surface a cooking workspace, the ‘solid top’ plate allows operators to cook a wide range of dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

Users can slide a pan from one side to the other to increase or decrease its temperature, or cook a wide range of dishes simultaneously, using any pan at any place, at any temperature, and at any time for complete flexibility. The modular system is efficient and environmentally-friendly and can be used anywhere in the kitchen all day long with unlimited cooking possibilities. Chefs can fry at a high temperature at the same time as precise sous vide work is being carried out on the same surface.

3. Charvet Induction Multizone

Charvet has combined four powerful, independent 3.5 kW induction hobs under a one-piece glass top to create an energy efficient multipurpose ‘multizone’ induction unit. Hobs can be operated alone or ‘sequentially regulated’ to effectively re-create the flexible cooking power of a conventional gas or electric solid-top. Charvet Multizone is ideal for all types of restaurants and hotels, just like its predecessor, the gas or electric solid top. Multizone is labour saving because the unit is easier to keep clean and requires much less maintenance from engineers. Furthermore, the ventilation load is significantly reduced compared to conventional gas or electric ranges, creating infrastructure cost savings. Pan-detectors sense when pans are placed on top, making the unit ideal for using a mix of various-sized pans for service, as well as saving energy.

4. Control Induction The Slider

The Slider was designed with sustainability in mind — significant power is only consumed when and where a pan is placed on the hob. Manufactured in the UK from European components and materials, the unit is 90% efficient in converting electrical power into usable heat in the pan.

The Slider has one large permanently activated induction zone ready to heat pans at different powers in different areas. This means that the savings are massive compared to multiple gas or electric rings at different settings. As its name suggests, operators simply slide the pan over the glass to turn up the heat. Control Induction claims that gas and conventional electric heating will normally consume double the energy of The Slider. Additionally, more than 90% of the product is recyclable.

5. Falcon Dominator Plus E3914i

Falcon’s four zone induction range is ideal for the most demanding of kitchens, featuring 5kW heat zones that offer precise control. The E3914i uses heavy duty components, ensuring a minimum 30,000 hours lifespan. The hob is constructed from 6mm toughened glass and has undergone rigorous testing, including the drop test, where a pan is dropped onto the hob, which Falcon claims is more thorough than the BS EN standards demands.

The four zones reach the desired heat level quickly and the temperature can be precisely controlled, with the ability to move from simmer to rolling boil immediately.

6. Garland Instinct Griddle

The Garland Instinct Griddle provides an exceptionally functional non-stick frying surface that can be put under continued use throughout the day in high-output foodservice operations. The product features a comprehensive control and monitoring system for induction in the shape of RTCSmp Real-Time Temperature Control System multi-point technology (RTCSmp). This enables fast heat-up times — from 20°C to 200°C in as little as three-and-a-half minutes — as well as safe cooking and accurate temperature control, with the modules monitoring the temperature of the induction coils and energy supply.

In addition, precise temperatures can be made within 1°C to ensure any deviations are corrected with no delay. The Instinct Griddle features a new ‘Tip and Turn’ control system. These ingeniously simple and reliable controls respond to light pressure on the control knob to activate the appliance, while the ‘turn’ function sets the desired temperature level.

7. Mareno ICITC98TE

The Mareno ICITC98TE induction solid top features a sealed 6mm thick glass ceramic hob and a pan detection system which activates heating upon the presence of a cooking receptacle or pan. The appliance is constructed in AISI 304 stainless steel and comes equipped with four independent cooking zones, each with a 7kW output. The large cooking areas are marked with silkscreened signs on the glass-ceramic surface and are controlled by means of the unique Mareno iChef system which indicates both activation of heating and correct appliance operation.

The unit has multi-zone capability and can be used with either single, large pans or multiple small pans. The ICITC98TE is 800mm wide and has eight zones, giving the user complete flexibility of operation for both prep work, where mainly large pans are used for volume production, or during service, where smaller service and saute pans are used for individual portion cooking.

8. Thermaline 900 full surface induction hob

The full surface induction hob from Electrolux Professional is available as part of the thermaline modular cooking range on either an oven, open base or warming cabinet, allowing foodservice operators to incorporate the speed and efficiency of induction cooking alongside other key pieces of equipment at the very heart of their kitchen.

Thanks to its instantaneous temperature control, the heat applied from the induction hob can be raised or lowered to perform perfectly for any given cooking process. An additional automatic pot detection function further reduces kitchen energy consumption, while full surface induction enables more pots to cook on the same area, and chefs to be more productive as a result.

9. Menu System Celsius Class

Celsius Class, the newest innovation from Swiss cooking range manufacturer Menu System, offers operators and chefs the ultimate in precision cooking and energy management. With three independent modes and ‘turn & push’ operation, the new multi-mode controller provides chefs with complete control over the cooking process.

Representing the latest in energy management, Blueline induction allows operators to track energy usage in real-time via a connection to energy optimisation system, DIN 18875.  Detecting temperature changes of just one tenth of a degree, the accurate monitoring helps operators to optimise efficiency, avoid power surges and reduce energy costs. The product is available in the UK through Exclusive Ranges.

10. Lincat Phoenix induction oven range

At 800mm deep and 900mm wide, the powerful Phoenix induction oven range is energy efficient and robustly constructed. The PHER01/SPH has been introduced in response to demand for the model from establishments with single-phase power. The easy-to-clean induction hob top is constructed from 6mm thick high impact resistant glass and features six 1.85kW induction zones, three of which can be boosted to 3kW when intense heat is required.

In-built pan detection helps to conserve energy and ensures that heat is not lost into the kitchen. Below, a powerful, twin fan-assisted 6kW oven provides fast heat-up times and is able to accommodate six 1/1 gastronorm pans.

11. Pantheon IND360

The Pantheon IND360 is designed to drop into an existing countertop. It has 10 temperature settings ranging from 60°C to 240°C and an LED timer display. A simple-to-use manual control regulates temperature but, additionally, the wattage can be controlled, creating an extra layer of precise temperature management.

The IND360 countertop model provides a fast and simple route to installing induction hobs at a highly competitive price without having to endure major disruption. The unit’s compact dimensions and versatile installation mean they can be used to create a completely new cooking zone in a congested kitchen, while temperature precision makes them perfect for holding sauces as well as for cooking.

12. Rieber Varithek

Rieber’s induction hob and wok cooking modules come in a modular GN format and provide operators with slot-in cooking units for versatile cooking. They can be combined with a self-ventilating mobile front cooking station or used static as part of a foodservice counter, or modular temporary pop-up kitchen such as the Rieber Catering Circle. Offering up to 5 kW cooking power, the German-engineered system allows chefs to cook in public spaces or areas previously thought unsuitable for cooking, such as a corner with a low ceiling or public atrium.

Rieber insists the units are idea for numerous customer-facing scenarios, including contract catering, stadia catering, mobile ‘pop-up’ kitchens and even hospital catering. Varithek ACS with self-ventilation is also ideal in a refurbishment situation as units can function without ventilation, making them ideal for temporary catering facilities.

13. Livecookintable cooking furniture

German brand livecookintable has developed modular and portable cooking furniture, in line with the rising trend for front-of-house live cooking using induction technology. It gives chefs and caterers a customised and integral set-up for their events, buffet area, tastings or fairs with low energy requirements and the flexibility of moving the cooking furniture within the same venue.

The unique livecookintable system allows for cooking components and working areas to be slotted into the table frames freely and flexibly whether it is for boiling, cooling, grilling, warming or cooking with a wok. An induction hob with two cooking zones for 1/2 GN and 1/1 GN pans can be inserted to cook food in front of customers. When cooking indoors, the livecookintable system’s own airwall provides extraction from the cooking devices for a smoke and grease-free environment.

14. Vollrath Mirage 1/1 GN induction buffet warmer

FEM’s Vollrath Mirage induction buffet warmer offers a solution for caterers looking for safe ways to keep food warm throughout service. The Mirage induction warmer offers four power levels: low, medium, high and chafer pre-heat. Measuring 584mm wide x 406mm long and running off a single 13 amp plug, up to three units can be connected together to provide a bank of buffet warmers.

The Mirage buffet warmers have additional safety features including over-heat protection, small-article detection, pan auto-detection and empty-pan shut-off. They look good and are hardwearing, too. The tempered black ceramic glass top is strong, non-porous and easy-to-clean. LED indicator lights on the control panel and glass top allow operators to see which power mode is selected. A handy storage compartment under each warmer conveniently holds the cords when not in use.

15. Rexmartins RDE-FG-8A induction griddle

The RDE-FG-8A is one of no fewer than 15 models of induction griddle offered by Rexmartins. This particular unit measures 800mm wide x 700mm deep and is rated at 8kW. It is a countertop model and has a smooth cooking surface, although floor-standing and part-ribbed variants are also available. The induction coil induces heat directly into the griddle plate, avoiding heat losses into the atmosphere.

The cooking temperature is inverter-controlled so power is drawn only at the level needed to sustain the set temperature. This also contributes to reduced energy consumption. In trials at a national account, a Rexmartins induction griddle was found to consume 55% less energy than the conventional electric griddle previously used. The combination of induction technology and inverter control also means the griddle heats up quickly and maintains temperature accurately.

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