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With smartphone and tablets now the ‘new word of mouth’, a clear and effective social media strategy is essential for any foodservice chain these days.

As well as providing an opportunity to communicate directly with consumers, share engaging content and demonstrate brand differentiation, it is a way for businesses to reinforce their core values and credentials.

As many chains have already learnt, social media platforms are flexible and can be used to share industry insight, multimedia content, product information, lists and practical tips — all content which brings a brand’s personality to life. But in order to be effective, social media content has to be tailored to the target audience and therefore chains have to know what their customers find engaging and which platforms they actively use.

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Experts at specialist hospitality communications agency William Murray have come up with their guide to how social media can be best used by those working in the foodservice industry. They point out that social media is becoming an increasingly important part of the lives of foodservice professionals, with a study finding that 85% of chefs use social media for work purposes.

Research carried out two years ago with the Craft Guild of Chefs, meanwhile, found that chefs are using social media channels — specifically Twitter — for industry insight, inspiration and to connect with others in the foodservice community. 26% of head chefs also admitted to checking their social media account more than 10 times a day!

Statistics like these really highlight the necessity for foodservice brands to be active on social media to give them the chance to connect with key decision makers and influencers. William Murray’s infographic (below) is designed to help foodservice professionals select a social media platform based on who they are aiming to speak to, where they are most active and what type of content works well. Now it’s time to get social!

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