TOP TIPS: How sous vide equipment can create a healthy diet in care homes

Clifton Food Range sous vide immersion circulator

British brand Clifton Food Range provides professional chefs with sous vide equipment developed and manufactured by Nickel-Electro Ltd, a leader in precision temperature-control equipment.

Clifton water baths, known for their signature orange handles, have become popular in restaurant group kitchens and with Michelin-starred chefs. But they can benefit any catering environment, including care environments. Here, the company shares the benefits of sous vide for a healthy diet in care homes.

Healthy diet to support the immune system

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Sous vide cooking contains the vital minerals and vitamins that are usually lost when using other ways of cooking such as boiling or steaming, by cooking in a bag the nutrients that can be lost into water or lost in vapour are contained.

By cooking your meals sous vide the vital nutrients and vitamins are all confined, these ingredients are vital for a healthy diet and more importantly provide much needed ingredients and vitamins to support the immune system.

By using sous vide in environments like care homes, the residents will be able to get more vital ingredients that will help them maintain a healthy diet and boost the immune system whilst having great tasting food.

Avoid toxic substance in food

Sous vide also causes no physical damage to the meat such as size and texture and doesn’t cause any toxic substances that may be harmful to the body comparable to when grilling or frying meals.

Reduce food waste

By using the sous vide cooking method, you can reduce food waste in the kitchen. For example if some residents are unwell and are unable to take their meal on a certain day, the care home’s chef has the possibility to quickly chill and refrigerate the food portions not served and use them the following day.

Shorten prep time

Sous vide also cuts down the preparation time, by preparing large quantities of meals in advance the chef can simply reheat the ingredients to the desired temperature and serve without any loss of quality or taste.

Greater yield

With sous vide the meats have a greater yield through lower shrinkage, most meats that are cooked on the hob/grill have approximately 20% shrinkage, there is a minimum shrinkage when cooking sous vide and therefore greater yield.

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