True Refrigeration marks 75 years of business in 2020

True Refrigeration

For 75 years, the True Manufacturing Company has endured by preserving the values of a people-focused family-owned business which contrasts the scale and infrastructure of a global operation, as the company explains…

Our story isn’t a secret to many, with origins similar to many North American brands which have endured; it all started with an idea.

For the Trulaske family, it was developing amongst the first electric-powered refrigeration equipment for commercial use in restaurants and bars. This spirit of innovation is something the company has always nurtured and recognised as a key to our success.

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Over the proceeding decades, True has grown to become the world’s largest privately-owned commercial refrigeration company, but we are still led by this spirit of innovation and an understanding of our customers’ requirements.

By continuing to manufacture 100% of our products in our own facilities in Missouri, USA, and through investing in continual technology development and new talent, we believe our finished product is the most durable available, able to maintain consistent, accurate and safe storage temperatures, even in the most demanding of foodservice environments.

A guarantee of quality evidenced by the roster of established and emerging foodservice and hospitality chains we work with across the globe.

Where we can’t source a component or part up to our exacting standards, we invest in the machinery and expertise to create it in-house ourselves. Be it sheet metal fabrication, our ‘Low-E’ energy efficient glass door inserts, or as a shelving manufacturer, we believed we could do it better, and so we did.

The payoff for this investment is a better end refrigeration product than if we were to just assemble a bunch of parts from different suppliers.

We are able to offer our renowned 5 Years Parts & Labour Warranty as standard on all products, and even lifetime guarantees on some aspects of our products, such as T-Series door hinges or Spec Series door handles, precisely because we have direct control over the full manufacturing process of our products.

We wouldn’t be able to sustain this if we didn’t have confidence in the quality of our products, and we urge clients to assess the standard warranty offered by other equipment manufacturers as an indicator of value and the long term viability of their product.

For energy and environment conscious operators who are serious about food safety and quality, we believe refrigeration equipment is a core investment of your business.

Today, every serious operator has targets around sustainability, including energy management programmes to reduce wastage across all sites.

Our conversations with customers are now typically led by how we can help them achieve targets to reduce energy consumption and save money, as well as supplying a better, more reliable refrigeration product.

In 2019, we launched ‘BE READY’ a campaign intended to educate operators in regard to ongoing legislation changes which regulate the development, sale and operation of commercial refrigeration equipment today. We also hope to inform consumers on the impact of refrigeration used by businesses, as relates to sustainability and the environment.

We are still led by this spirit of innovation and an understanding of our customers’ requirements”

The initial focus of BE READY was the big change introduced by the F-Gas Regulation in January 2020 which effectively banned the sale of new commercial refrigeration equipment operating on R404A refrigerant, which was up to that point the main refrigerant gas used in commercial cooling applications throughout the world.

The F-Gas Regulation is a mechanism for environmentally unfriendly emission reduction, operating a schedule of gradual phase-downs and outright bans over an agreed time period, to reduce the consumption of gasses which have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP).

For True, this was an opportunity, as we had already been for many years working on the development of R290 Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant technology, an environmentally friendly successor to Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants. R290 has no ozone depleting properties a GWP of just 3, compared to R404A which has a GWP of 3922.

In 2020, we have been asking operators, what is your HFC exit plan?

The regulations are in the place. The phase-out deadlines are here. Now is the time to assess your refrigeration assets and determine the impact on your operation.

HC is the next step, not only in terms of environmental responsibility, but also better, more efficient, commercial refrigeration, offering better thermodynamic properties for faster temperature pull down, and vastly improved energy efficiency.

True first started testing R290 HC in 2007, and since then, our Natural Refrigeration development initiative has seen the redevelopment of our entire product offering.

To achieve this, we have had to make huge investments in technology, research and development, manufacturing techniques and product testing processes over the last few years, but the results speak for themselves. We now produce some of the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration products currently available.

This achievement was made possible is due to the fact that True remains a privately owned business, making us uniquely positioned within the industry to adapt quickly to change and meet these challenges.

More regulatory changes are coming in 2021, and True will again be leading the conversation with customers to make sure they are fully aware of the current and future landscape, in order to make a fully informed purchase decision.

This year we have also been focussed on working with consultants and design agencies, creating a full suite of tools which they require to easily specify True into their client’s projects.

Working with Specifi Global, we have created accurate 3D models in .DWG and .RFA formats (conforming to IFSE and FCSI US standards) for our full 230v product range. The library contains over 280 base products, many with multiple configuration options, covering a wide range of professional storage, preparation and display refrigeration products.

The package also contains detailed product specifications and data sheets. Everything required to easily match products against a project equipment spec.

For users of Specifi, the full True product library is available now for instant use. For organisations who do not use the platform, we can also arrange to send the model package via file transfer at your request.

2020 has also been a challenging year for everyone. Throughout the uncertainty, True has remained operational and available to clients. This won’t change in 2021, and we urge any operator with a refrigeration requirement to get in touch.

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