Tummy rumbles keep Domino’s kitchens guessing

Domino’s Ballymena

The type of products put through Domino’s Pizza’s ovens could be down to more than just what customers fancy in future.

The UK chain has just demonstrated its creative side by launching the ‘Tummy Translator’, an app that helps users navigate its extensive menu choice by translating their tummy rumbles!

Using a play on a fictional new technology ‘Gastro-Acoustic-Enterology’, the app enables users to rely on their stomach to choose their ideal order.

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The idea was developed by Iris, the creative innovation network to drive awareness of Domino’s fresh credentials and the extensive range available on the menu.

Rupal Patel, digital campaign manager at Domino’s, admits it is a “tongue-in-cheek” way of demonstrating the range of choice available. “On average 62% of our orders come in through online, and 50% of those are mobile orders. The Tummy Translator is a way of us engaging with those users in a fun, unique and entertaining way,” said Patel.

The Tummy Translator is fitted with an option for users to choose if they are ‘peckish’, ‘nibbly’, ‘hungry’ or ‘famished’, and can identify more than 500 foods. “The slightest change in pitch can mean the difference between red peppers and red onions,” according to its creators.

Domino’s operates almost 800 stores in the UK. The first site it opened was Luton back in 1985.

 View the film that Iris created to launch the Tummy Translator app below.

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