Uber unveils drone that will transport food from kitchen to customer

Uber Eats drones

Uber has revealed a first look at the new Uber Eats delivery drone it hopes will revolutionise its food transport business.

The new delivery drone was announced at a recent business summit and has a relatively short range of 12 miles, staying aloft for 18 minutes and carrying enough food to feed two people.

The drone makes use of innovative rotating wings, each with six rotors, allowing for greater speeds and a more seamless take-off and landing.

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Uber plans to fly meals from restaurants to a staging area where a driver will complete the delivery to the customer via car.

The company also revealed plans to test out landing drones on cars to help bridge the gap between restaurants and consumers even further.

Uber Elevate, the company’s air transportation division, plans to begin trials in the US next summer having applied for civil aviation approval earlier this year.

Uber is the latest company to enter into the drone delivery market with Amazon, Google and UPS all testing out innovative methods of delivering direct to customers using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Kitchens could become drone launchpads in new era of food delivery

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