Ultraviolet light system banishes ‘faecal ice’ fears for restaurant chains

Ice bacteria

A leading US sanitation specialist is aiming to put an end to any ice contamination fears operators may have in the wake of a BBC investigation that found traces of ‘faecal bacteria’ on ice served by three high street coffee chains.

BioZone Scientific insists its IceZone system, which uses the power of ultraviolet light to keep ice machines clean, is a chemical-free solution that will give operators 24/7 protection.

Last week, a BBC Watchdog report claimed ice from branches of Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe Nero contained faecal bacteria.

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And while experts point out that there are several ways that contamination could have occurred, BioZone’s solution can at least assist operators with ensuring equipment is as hygienically clean as possible.

IceZone is a multi-patented ‘Clean-In-Place’ (CIP) food equipment sanitation system that prevents slime, mould, bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast from growing on the surfaces of ice machines and is proven by independent third party test labs to eliminate over 99% of surface micro-contamination.

It is approved for use on nearly all major commercial ice machines in the field and is certified by UL, NSF and HACCP.


Speaking last year after prior BBC news coverage of faecal coliform contamination in ice served at an outlet of KFC in the UK, BioZone’s European director, Paul Morris, restaurants and food vendors  face widespread challenges when trying to keep ice served in popular drinks safe to consume.

“The reality is that no matter how hard these reputable restaurants try to keep their ice machines clean, they remain a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and mould,” he said at the time. “This was the key reason that BioZone developed IceZone. This technology has been established in the USA for several years, and the irony is that successful trials of the technology in the UK are just being concluded with several well-known UK restaurant brands. It is BioZone’s belief that with IceZone in widespread use in the UK and Europe in future. sickness and illness from contaminated ice will be a thing of the past.”

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