Unique masterclass spills the secrets of creating the perfect pizza concept

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Linda Lewis Kitchens is planning a special Pizza Masterclass at its demonstration facility in Oldham giving operators a unique opportunity chance to learn from some of the best pizza makers in the business.  

Hosted by talented pizziaolos Fabio Aurelio and Davide D’Auria, the January event will teach attendees how to make a pizza dough from scratch and hand-stretch it, as well as how to cook pizzas to perfection in a range of ovens.

Mr Aurelio started as LLK’s development consultant last year after previously travelling around the world working in various restaurants helping them to develop their pizza offering, while Mr D’Aura is technical sales manager at Eurostar Foods. He recently represented the UK in the World Pizza Championships.

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The Masterclass has a full programme specifically designed for customers looking to expand their menu offering into the world of pizza or seeking to train their staff members further on pizza.

The morning session will focus on how to make a simple pizza dough from scratch using various mixers from the LLK range as well as insight to the newest innovations in the flour market.

Attendees will then be taught the traditional hand-stretching techniques and introduced to LLK’s best seller, The Cuppone Pizza Press, a machine that does away with the need to learn to hand-stretch and guarantees consistency for any pizza production.

Mr Aurelio said: “This class is ideal for anyone looking to kick-start their pizza concept or train their staff in the art of pizza making. The experience has been specifically designed to explore traditional techniques in addition to exploring new innovations in flour and equipment that will revolutionise pizza making.”

The event takes place on Wednesday 16 January 2019.

LLK said that there are limited spaces available on the masterclass, but customers can book by going to Eventbrite and searching for ‘Free Pizza Masterclass by Linda Lewis Kitchens’.

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