Unox charges into high-speed oven market with unique hybrid design

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Unox UK boss Gary Nunn believes the newest addition to the company’s portfolio – a baking speed oven with microwave capabilities – will give operators greater bang for their buck from a single footprint.

The Bakerlux Speed.Pro is the first ever oven that is both a traditional convection oven and an innovative speed-oven, according to the Italian manufacturer.

It can be used to bake frozen items in one mode, and heat and toast a range of foods, including sandwiches, lasagne and burritos, in the other.

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“We see high-speed ovens obviously in places like America where we are more involved with QS restaurants. We need to be in that market place as well with these ovens, but nobody before has ever done a combination of the two together, so we have been working for about three years on blending the two ovens into one carcass,” Mr Nunn told FEJ at HOST.

He said the design of the unit “makes a lot of sense” given the space constraints on kitchens and back-bars these days.

“I think we are all guilty in the industry of having lots of equipment to do lots of jobs and what we are focused on – and with the combi ovens as well – is minimal amount of equipment doing maximum amount of jobs. It gives a bigger return on investment for the customer because the equipment is working all the time.”

Gary Nunn says Unox has spent three years designing a single unit with baking and microwave capabilities.

Unox estimates the Bakerlux Speed.Pro will be able to bake 27 croissants in 16 minutes, 18 baguettes in 18 minutes or three focaccias in 14 minutes.

In speed mode, the oven accelerates cooking times by combining ‘intense’ ventilation and microwaves and can heat four club sandwiches in 125 seconds, 250g of lasagne in 100 seconds or 250g of chicken wings in 110 seconds.

Mr Nunn expects the oven to open up new markets for Unox, particularly among operators looking to create a bakery plus food offer.

“It will also suit anybody who is wanting to put protein food cooking on that has probably just got a bakery oven and doesn’t have a lot of space, such as railway stations, airports or kiosks,” he said.

The oven is expected to become available in the UK towards the early part of the year, as Mr Nunn wants to ensure that it has the right service network in place first, particularly as the unit incorporates microwave technology.

“The actual magnetron inside the cabinet is not made by us…yet. It is made in Japan by somebody who makes microwaves. It is important for us to get the service structure on microwaves in place in the UK.”

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