Unox proclaims “new breed” of cooking equipment for commercial kitchens

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Unox will today whip the covers off its first ever self-washing combi speed oven to herald what it believes is a landmark development for the cooking equipment industry.

The SPEED-X oven, which is available to pre-order from January 2022, means users no longer have to choose between a combi or speed oven, according to the Italian manufacturer.

Unox briefed partners on the development earlier this week and said the launch would create a completely new breed of commercial-grade ovens for the foodservice industry. Engineers involved in its conception called it the company’s “most innovative product yet”.

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Bosses at the firm told FEJ that the oven has been on trial at a select number of customer sites in Italy for some months ahead of its official launch at HOST, which gets underway in Milan today.

SPEED-X will available to pre-order in the UK from January 2022, with shipping from the Unox factory in Italy expected in March 2022.

The SPEED-X is designed for catering environments where speed of service is paramount, without compromising on quality.

Unox believes it will appeal to everyone from small outlets to Michelin-starred restaurants and said “ideal venues” would include pubs, dark kitchens, QSR and casual dining chains, as well as transport catering in the travel sector and petrol stations.

It is also geared towards traditional restaurants that want to speed up preparation with full loads to drastically reduce service times.

The SPEED-X contains two fans, which Unox says reduces cooking times by 20% in comparison to its predecessors, and features a new HYPER.Speed technology that combines steam, air and microwaves so that food can be heated, cooked or browned in seconds.

It can make a toasted ham and cheese sandwich in 75 seconds while a sea bass fillet is fully cooked in just 90 seconds.

Scott Duncan, managing director of Unox UK, said: “The SPEED-X is the first oven to combine the capabilities of a combi oven and those of a speed oven with an additional self-cleaning feature.

“This not only expands the oven’s capabilities beyond anything that was possible before, but it also allows for an incredible increase in commercial kitchen productivity.”

Existing Unox customers will be familiar with the STEAM.Maxi and ADAPTIVE.Cooking systems that the SPEED-X uses, but it also contains some new technology incorporated for the first time.

This includes MULTI.Time programming, a system that allows users to cook different products at different times in the same oven. It allows up to 10 dishes to be prepared at once with guaranteed precision.

SPEED-X is also equipped with a Digital.ID operating system that Unox describes as the most advanced it has ever installed on an oven.

Hyperconnection and an intuitive interface allow users to control the oven easily. In fact, while UNOX continues to lead the way in technological innovation for professional ovens, the user experience and ease of use remain of utmost importance.

Mr Duncan said the intuitive interface allow users to control the oven with complete ease. “It’s simple to use and incredibly versatile. It’s designed with everyone in mind.”

Operators can view a video premiere outlining the SPEED-X in more detail HERE.

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