Valera branches into own-brand microwave production for the first time

Pratap Gadhvi, managing director

After 30 years selling microwaves from brands such as Sanyo, Panasonic and Litton, catering equipment supplier Valera has launched its first own-brand microwave to the market.

The new range comprises three machines, each with its own specific role in the kitchen, but all with the same high performance components and “exceptional” build quality, according to bosses at the firm.

Valera managing director, Pratap Gadhvi, said the units had been a couple of years in development and were prompted by a change in the market landscape.

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“Ever since the Sanyo brand was discontinued we have been looking into supplying our own range of microwaves that would match the very high standards they set, and now we are able to do so,” he explained.

“And, because we have started from scratch with these machines rather than simply updating ‘old’ technology, we have been able to incorporate the latest manufacturing techniques, up-to-date design and state-of-the-art components, all of which mean that we have the confidence to offer a three-year parts and labour warranty from day one.”

Up to now, Valera has only been selling Panasonic microwave, so the diversification into own-brand models adds another string to its bow.

Before trialling the new range, Valera enlisted the help of the BSI’s microwave expert who looked at each aspect of the machines, including construction, power output, microwave leakage and heat distribution.Valera VMC1850

Valera’s resident microwave expert, Chris Drury, said: “What we set out to do, using our many years’ of microwave experience, was to engineer out some of the failings and weaknesses of the machines currently on the market. This meant going right back to basics and looking at every aspect including component quality, the design of items such as the stirrers and magnetrons, even the door interlocks.”

Initially there will be three models in the range, the VMC1000, the compact VMC1850 (pictured) which Valera claims will be the most powerful 1800W microwave on the market, and also the most popular of the three, and the VMC1880 large cavity, high capacity machine which is capable of holding two large plates or a 2/3 gastronorm container. The 1800 watt models have stage heating, are stackable, and take up less floorspace than their comparative rivals.

Gadhvi concludes: “Not only will these be the very best microwaves on the market they will also be amongst the most competitively priced. We are incredibly excited about the launch of these products and look forward to demonstrating their capabilities to our distributor partners over the coming months.”

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  1. Those early pioneering years at Litton have paved the way for your new microwaves Pratap. Wishing you and the team all the success you deserve.

  2. Delighted to hear of your new own brand venture. It is so exciting!. Good luck, you have immense talent and people around you and will definitely invest in one hopefully very soon.

  3. Excellent news that Valera now have their own brand product. I am sure it will do well in the market place today. Wish you the best.

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