Vapour grills use steam to reduce fat and lock in goodness

Arris vapour grill

Italian manufacturer Arris is encouraging restaurants to lock in nutrients and reduce fat by using its Vapour Grills.

The manufacturer is represented in the UK by Linda Lewis Kitchens in Oldham.

Vapour grills aim to reduce the amount of fat that reaches a diner’s plate, and also claims to minimise vitamins and minerals leaching out of food as it cooks.

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This Arris range, in gas and electric versions, grills food above a water tray that generates steam to helps cook the food.

This combination of steaming and grilling reduces the dryness that traditional grilling can cause.

It claims to keep vitamins and minerals in the food, while enabling the saturated fats to drip out and into the water below.

It also prevents food shrinkage, so portions appear larger on the plate.

Linda Lewis, managing director of Linda Lewis Kitchens, says: “The desire to eat healthily is one that caterers cannot ignore, but many struggle to find ways to use existing equipment and create healthy eating choices for the menu. The Arris Vapour Grills are wonderful solutions for those wanting to cook healthier food for their diners, but are also pieces of equipment that can just help food taste better, because it is cooked in a more natural and less aggressive way than with other methods of cooking. We predict that these vapour grills will soon become preferred to chargrills, in many eateries, because of all the taste and health benefits that they bestow.”

LLK has the Arris Vapour Grill available in both electric and gas models. The two electric models, the LLKARC407E (420w x 700d x 440h) weighs 50kg, whilst a larger 80kg model, the LLKARC807E, has a footprint of 800w x 700d x 440h and has two separate grilling areas.

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