VIDEO: Watch what happens when Unox puts on a fireworks display in one of its ovens

Unox fireworks demonstration

Durability is a word that most catering equipment manufacturers are quick to attach to their products – but Unox has taken things to a whole new level to demonstrate the robustness of its flagship kit.

In order to showcase the strength of its Cheftop combi ovens, the company’s Italian office created a YouTube video designed to illustrate just how much of a hammering they can take.

In the video, one of its chefs places a box of fireworks into the chamber of the oven before setting it alight and closing the oven door.

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After a 30-second fireworks display that lights up the oven cavity, the chef runs an internal cleaning programme to make the inside spotless before using it to cook three trays of croissants.

The video, entitled ‘Is this cooking chamber strong enough for your kitchen (and fireworks)?’ is not new, but those who have never seen it before can view it below:

While it’s arguably an eye-catching way of illustrating that its equipment can stand up to anything, it’s probably not advisable for chefs to try and repeat the trick in their own kitchen!

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  1. Perhaps Unox will need to put a line in the operating manual saying do not use fireworks in the cavity as you can be sure some fool somewhere will want to try this. Lol !

  2. A very immature and dangerous action to undertake in an item of foodservice equipment, utterly stupid and non-sensical to say the very least.

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