Viessmann’s switch to natural refrigerants enhances plug-in performance

Viessmann Refrigeration

Viessmann Refrigeration has invested heavily in new energy efficient systems to give foodservice operators an even greater choice of products.

Its ‘plug-in’ range of integral cabinets has moved from high GWP chemical refrigerants, such as R404a to a ‘0’ GWP hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290. This change in strategy aligned to the phase-out of certain chemical refrigerants as directed within the European ‘F-Gas’ regulations.

The switch from chemical refrigerants to natural refrigerants has provided Viessmann with an opportunity to enhance the performance of its plug-in range of integral cabinets through higher efficiencies in heat transfer that R290 offers in comparison to chemical refrigerants such as R404a.

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The thermal efficiency properties of R290 versus R404a are such that the company has recorded energy efficiency gains against the same equipment model types of more than 25%.

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